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My 2012 Bingo Cards - may contain triggering prompts!

My [ profile] hc_bingo card

minor illness panic attacks lacerations / knife wounds abuse hallucinations
Stockholm syndrome accidents nightmares learning to be loved prostitution
self-harm pandemics and epidemics WILD CARD unwanted transformation scars
kidnapping surprise sexswap fever / delirium substance addiction suicide attempt
post-traumatic stress disorder therapy cursed loss of identity surgery

My [ profile] angst_bingo card

deliriumbody hatredsexual harassmentgenderswapsupernatural: vampires
mind controlself-harmpregnancyStockholm syndromemutation
the last timeworst case scenariowildcardsupernatural: creaturesmiles from anywhere
poltergeistthreatspossessionritual sacrificeindecent proposals
fear of being alonecharacter deathelectrocutionforgottenalienation