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My 2012 Bingo Cards - may contain triggering prompts!

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Welcome to the Summer Comment Fic Meme!

Summer is almost here, and I want to celebrate by hosting a summer-themed fic meme! Prompts can be for any fandom, any pairing and should ideally be centered around a traditional 'summer' theme, such as summer camp, family vacations, summer jobs, picnics, fairs, festivals, 'cooling off' activities, etc. Get creative!

A few ground rules.....
1. This is intended to be a fun and safe place. Please be respectful when leaving prompts, fills or feedback :)
2. Any fandom/pairing is allowed. 
3. RPF is allowed, but for this meme, I ask that no real children under the age of 18 be used in prompts/fills.
4. If your prompt/fill has potentially triggering themes, please warn. This is a good list to refer to when looking for warnings.
5. You are also more than welcome to make fanart/graphics/fanmixes/etc for prompts - feel free to be as creative as you'd like!

Suggested format: [PROMPT] pairing, fandom - the prompt itself
i.e. PROMPT Jared/Jensen, RPF, Jensen has a crush on the new summer temp employee, Jared. Breakroom kissing ensues.

Fills )

Ready, set, fic!

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After six years, I decided it was time to start fresh. I'll hopefully be updating this journal a little more regularly.

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